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Network Operators/Data Center (Makani Case Studies)

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Mobile Network Operators

    FirstMobile, the premier provider of mobile data services with more than 30 million subscribers, relies on its network infrastructure to provide quality mobile data experience to its customers. FirstMobile wanted to optimize its core network to enable faster end-user access and more cost efficient delivery of applications.

    Challenge #1: FirstMobile's 2.5G and 3G wireless data infrastructure suffered from high latency, losses plus occasional link outages, typical of any wide-area wireless infrastructure. As a result, performance of applications such as Web and ftp suffered. For example, it would often take more than 3 minutes for a user to download the full CNN news webpage! FirstMobile's goals were to overcome some of these problems so that customers experience extremely fast data access speeds and also opt for the level of optimization based on personal preference.

    Challenge #2: FirstMobile wanted to optimize the use of available spectrum to maximize the return on investment from its network and radio technologies, and to deliver significant capital and operational cost savings.

    Challenge #3: The third challenge was to capitalize on the application delivery platform. By making applications more desirable and valuable to the end users, FirstMobile could maximize their returns on existing and future investments.

    Solution: Makani recommended Mobilizer™ optimization appliances to be deployed in the FirstMobile's core network, at six strategic locations of their nationwide infrastructure. The Makani Mobilizer™ data optimization platform enables mobile carriers to optimize data services in realtime such as web pages, file downloads, email and enterprise traffic for faster and better overall end-user experience. As a result, FirstMobile's network is delivering a three times reduction in data volumes and transmission times which keeps them in front from a competitive standpoint.


Data Center and Hosting Solutions Providers

    DataHost is a managed hosting solutions company. With more than six data center locations in the US, Europe and Asia, DataHost provides data center solutions, both managed hosting and colocation services, to businesses and enterprises. DataHost facilities are SAS 70 Type II certified, have 24/7 on site staffing, rigorous security measures and multiple layers of infrastructure redundancy to ensure the foundation for business success.

    Challenge #1: For select, highly demanding customers, DataHost was looking at ways to further optimize the data delivery efficiency and deliver breakthrough user experience. This meant providing those select customers content acceleration, fault-tolerance and scalability to business-critical IP, enterprise, Web and VoIP apps.

    Challenge #2: DataHost wanted to improve the visibility and control for both inbound and outbound traffic. This would ensure that demanding customers received the on-contract service performance guarantee.

    Solution: DataHost deployed the energy-efficient Enhancer™ appliances in their colocation facilities at four different geographic locations to form a high-speed intra-data-center wide-area overlay network. Furthermore, the virtual overlay enables DataHost to offer select customers superior quality of service through acceleration of web, ftp, voip and enterprise apps and content from the web servers.


Virtual Network Operators

    Origin Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator with operations in more than 30 countries. Origin caters to the niche and lucrative machine-to-machine market segment that is projected to grow more than US $50 Billion in revenues by 2017. Founded in 2004, Origin serves more than 100 customers.

    Challenge #1: Origin's wide-area wireless network infrastructure consisting of 2.5G and 3G wireless networks suffered from high latency and loss, resulting in severe performance degradation of its custom real-time M2M messaging apps in addition to Web and ftp. For instance, M2M messaging app tuned for one particular (wireless) network would not work well in another. Since Origin as an MVNO could not deploy its own optimization infrastructure in the actual network, it used specialized data centers for hosting its own M2M application-optimized delivery solutions. However despite all the efforts, Origin still could not overcome its wireless network-related problems; its M2M apps suffered from extremely high latency and loss, and failed to achieve the performance desired.

    Challenge #2: Origin needed a purpose-built but flexible solution that not only cater to its wide-range of M2M apps, but also address all the network-related challenges that are pertinent to any wireless wide-area app delivery infrastructure.

    Solution: Makani's leading-edge Mobilizer™ appliances not only provide Origin with web and content optimization, but also help optimize and accelerate customized real-time messaging applications. Makani appliances implement the revolutionary Makani Latency Buster System™ architecture that optimizes and accelerates data over wide-variety of access networks. No wonder then, since deploying Makani, Origin reported a 3X improvement in latency and M2M messaging performance.


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