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How can Makani solutions benefit your business?

Makani Benefits are more than financial

Enterprise Customers:

  • Deliver 5X-100X WAN optimization & app accleration across your branch offices
  • Give mobile workforce fast access to critical enterprise or custom resources
  • Drive business productivity and results
  • Minimize escalating IT costs
  • Deploy quickly and realize swift, higher ROI
  • Accelerate VoIP/video, web, enterprise apps and more
  • Max visibility and control for inbound-outbound data traffic
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Network Operators or Data Center/Clouds:

  • Maximize network or data center efficiency
  • Deliver breakthrough user experience and superior QoS
  • Deliver more content with the same bandwidth or spectrum
  • Smooth video and crystal-clear voice
  • Visibility and Control for inbound and outbound traffic
  • Maximize airtime or usage
  • Drive ARPU
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Content Providers:

  • Provide content acceleration, fault-tolerance and scalability
    to business-critical IP, Web and VoIP apps
  • Smooth video and clear VoIP - always
  • Maximum traffic visibility and control
  • Drive usage, productivity and returns
  • Minimize bandwidth and optimization costs
  • Deploy quickly and realize swift, higher ROI
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  • Deliver purpose-built solutions for fast, scalable, and safe data access
    within the network perimeter
  • Minimize IT and optimization costs
  • Improve overall accuracy and productivity
  • Ensure compliance with the strict privacy standards
  • Max traffic visibility and control
  • Enforce Usage Policy for Internet access and control the use of various apps
  • Deploy quickly and realize higher ROI
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